Carnage across midlands as tree blown over near Tullamore

Reports are coming in of widespread carnage and destruction across the midlands after a photo emerged of a tree that has blown over just outside Tullamore.

The incident happened in the Springfield area of Cappincur and it is not yet known if any injuries or fatalities occured. Emergency services are at the scene including 4 fire engines and 8 ambulances. A Garda air support helicopter is also hovering over the scene.

There are more unconfirmed reports emerging of widespread devastation in many midlands areas.

In one heartbreaking incident a woman left a Mullingar hairdressers and began her usual 5-minute walk home as she has done countless times before. Unfortunately by the time she got to her house her hair was all tossed and messy.

Drivers are also being warned not to take any unnecessary journeys as several small puddles have began to appear on some roads and they’re probably a bit splashy.

Overall people are being urged to stay indoors and not leave the house. Unless of course you need to do a bit of shopping or maybe go to the cinema or the local pub. Anywhere you want really. Just make sure you wear a coat. It’s a bit nippy out.