More Than Half Of Irish People Trapped In A WhatsApp Group They Want To Leave

A survey has discovered that more than half of Irish people feel trapped in a WhatsApp group they would like to leave but can’t for one reason or another. Full Story

Study Confirms People Who Leave The Room To Take A Call Are Probably Talking About You

A study carried out by a team of academics who have nothing better to do has confirmed that people who leave the room to take a phone call are almost certainly talking about you. Full Story

Most Young Ones Still Unaware Pouting Makes Their Face Look Like A Baboon’s Arse

Many young women in Ireland today are completely oblivious to the fact that not only does pouting not make them look sexy, it actually makes them look like a baboon’s bum-hole. Full Story

Local Man Hoping Not To Make A Cunt Of Himself Yet Again At Office Party

A 36 year-old local man is desperately hoping that he doesn’t make a total cunt of himself yet again at his office Christmas party. Full Story

Facebook’s Most Annoying Attention Seekers and How to Reply to Them

“I can’t take much more of this.” Everyone on Facebook has at least one friend who constantly posts this kind of crap simply to gain attention and sympathy from as many people as possible. Full Story

All Brians Are Gobshites, Survey Reveals

A study carried out by the national agency for scientific research has found that all men named Brian are gobshites. Full Story

Facebook Launch Irish Reaction Buttons

Facebook have announced that they will soon launch reaction buttons exclusive to several countries around the world and Ireland is one of them. Full Story

Local Girl Announces She’s Leaving Facebook – Disappointed With Reaction

A local girl who announced that she is going to quit Facebook has been left disappointed with the reaction of her friends – or to be more precise – the lack of reaction. Full Story

Religious People Getting Seriously Pissed Off With God

God believers of all descriptions from Bangkok to Ballinasloe have began losing patience with the Almighty, leading many to question what sort of person he really is. Full Story