Putin says Ukraine behind Storm Kathleen

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed during a television address that Ukraine is behind Storm Kathleen.

The storm has brought gale force winds to Ireland with some severe gusts causing fallen trees and power outages, particularly in the south-west. Putin told the people of Russia there’s no doubt Kyiv is involved.

“We have clear and indisputable evidence that shows a clear link between Storm Kathleen and authorities in Kyiv. We’re just not going to show it to you or anyone else in the world ever but believe me, the evidence is clear. Would I lie to you? Don’t answer that!”

The Russian President also dismissed claims that a storm is a natural phenomenon that occurs when warm moist air rises into cold air.

“That’s western propaganda. Lies to distract you while they prepare to invade Russia but don’t be fooled. Storms are man-made in the west. And in Ukraine obviously.”

Putin ended the broadcast by telling viewers Russian armed forces are continuing to bring peace and happiness to the Ukrainian people and said he’s confident he’ll be in the running for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.