Beyonce to record hip-hop version of Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast Roll

American singer Beyonce has revealed that she intends to record a version of Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast Roll.

The hugely popular star said she heard the song for the first time just recently and decided there and then that she wanted to record her own version.

“I heard it on the radio during a recent visit to Ireland and I was blown away. I immediately knew I was listening to a genius at work. It’s a work of art.”

Beyonce explained what attracted her to the song in the first place.

“All the great songs have universal appeal. They speak to everyone who hears them. The guy in this song is hungry and he wants something to eat. Who can’t relate to that?”

So what can fans expect from Beyonce’s version?

“It’s gonna be old school hip-hop and I’ll probably need to change a few words because I don’t know what a rasher is but the bit about black and white pudding really touched me. It’s clearly a reference to racial harmony. Black and white, side by side. It’s symbolic. Even on a breakfast roll.

“And I really love how the song ends with the emotionally powerful line ‘I do in my hole’ which I guess refers to the hole we all have in our lives that needs filling. I know my hole needs filling.”

Beyonce’s Jumbo Breakfast Roll is due for release next month.