British Prime Minister congratulates Simon Harris on becoming Teashop

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has posted a message on social media congratulating Simon Harris on his new job and said he looks forward to working with him soon.

Mr Sunak posted “Congratulations Simon Harris on becoming the new Teashop of the Republic of Ireland. Britain has always had a great relationship with Irish Teashops and I’m certain that will continue with Mr Harris, and although we find it both silly and hilarious to call your Prime Minister a Teashop, we’re sure the Irish have their reasons.”

Following his election as Taoiseach yesterday, Simon Harris said that he can’t wait to get to work and to start making Ireland a country to be proud of once again.

He’s been in government since 2016 but apparently he’s going to start doing it now.

At Leinster House later today Fine Gael TD’s will line up to give Mr Harris 37 kisses on the cheek for being the best little boy in Dáil Eireann. The event will be broadcast live on RTE1.