Government threatens to send asylum seekers to Roscommon

In a desperate bid to deter migrants from coming to Ireland to claim asylum, the government has threatened to send each and every one of them to Roscommon.

Having spent the last year calling protesters far-right and racist, the government has done a complete u-turn and now supports them.

Taoiseach Simon Harris told reporters during a press conference today “As Irish patriots continue to protest nationwide against these freeloaders coming into our country, today we unveil the Roscommon Relocation Plan.”

Mr Harris said even genuine asylum seekers thinking of coming here should seriously think again.

“To the few who are actually seeking protection from war or oppression, if you think where you came from was bad, just wait til you see Roscommon.”

Chairman of the Irish Refugee Council Frederick Winterbottom said the Roscommon Relocation Plan is worse than the UK’s Rwanda Bill and urged the government not to carry out their threat.

“This is a barbaric idea and a clear human rights violation. The safety of these migrants cannot be guaranteed if they end up in Roscommon. There’s no telling how the locals with react as they’ve never really had much contact with outsiders before and not enough is known about them. They’re very unpredictable people.”

The Taoiseach said he hopes to get the Roscommon Relocation Plan passed through the Seanad and Dáil in the coming days.