New look Glenroe set to hit our screens this autumn

Much loved Irish television soap Glenroe is coming back to our screens this autumn but RTE bosses say the new series will bare little resemblance to what fans remember.

Many things have changed beyond all recognition in rural Ireland since the days when Biddy and Miley used to appear on our TV’s every Sunday evening and producer Deirdre Wells said it’s their duty to reflect those changes.

“Portraying anywhere in modern Ireland that’s full of white Irish people would be just silly. A few familiar characters are back but there are lots of new additions to the village, including 200 African men who have been moved into the local hotel and a Roma Gypsy begging gang.”

So which characters from the old Glenroe can we expect to see back again?

“Well not Blackie Connors obviously. We can’t have anyone called Blackie anymore or we’ll be taken off air after one episode. Fidelma is back but she’s now a they and married to a them.

“Most of the other actors are dead unfortunately but I can confirm that Biddy is back, so that’s obviously great news for fans of the show. Although she has converted to Islam and wears a burka now.”

Glenroe: The Return begins this September on RTE1.