Local barman has a good feeling about friendly new customer

A local barman has said he has a good feeling about a very friendly customer who recently began coming into the pub where he works.

Jack Molloy works in Spollen’s in Tullamore and told us the lady, who goes by the name of Martha, sits at the bar during every shift he works from the time he starts until he finishes up.

“It’s like she’s always there. She’s very friendly and chatty. I’d say she’s great craic. She’s Scottish and used to live in London but had to leave there because of some guy. She said he was a peeping Tom and wouldn’t leave her alone. The poor girl.”

Jack said Martha wandered in one day looking a bit distressed so he sat her down and gave her a cup of tea.

“On the house. I didn’t charge her. She seemed to appreciate that. I mean really appreciate it. She actually offered me her bumhole, her words not mine, but I wouldn’t want to go out with her or anything like that coz she’s not really my type so I politely declined. I do think we can be really good friends though. I’m sure she’ll understand when I explain it to her. I already gave her my number. What harm can it do?”