Most people just mad to know what the hell Stephen Hawking got up to on Epstein Island

A New York judge has unsealed the identities of people linked in court documents to Jeffrey Epstein, the US financier who killed himself in 2019 as he awaited trial for sex crimes.

Included in the documents are former US presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton but far more important than that, so is Stephen Hawking.

Considering the sort of shenanigans that went down on Epstein’s Island, most people are just mad to know exactly what the hell he got up to.

The wheelchair bound Professor was paralysed from the neck down, leading many social media users to wonder why and how he has been named as allegedly taking part in an orgy.

One person said “Not even possible. Maybe he just watched.” and added the hashtag #StephenGawking

Another posted “At least it shows Epstein believed in diversity, equality and equal rights for all when it came to orgies. Even a man with a dead willy.”

We’d like to distance ourselves from this type of childish nonsense. Stephen Hawking was a great man and it’s just sad to see his name dragged through the mud like this.

Who knows why he visited Epstein’s Island? Maybe he was there as part of his work. Part of his research. Maybe he discovered another black hole. Lol.