New weird guy at work spends lunch break in his car

A man who started a new job today is spending his lunch break in his car.

36 year-old Thomas Novak began working at Midland Textiles in Kildare which has a canteen. His co-worker Brian Molloy took the photo of Thomas in his car and sent it in to us.

“He’s a weirdo for sure.” Brian told us. “He didn’t even speak to us all morning. Not a word. Just sat there doing stuff on his computer. And then he goes and eats his lunch alone in his car. That’s classic weirdo behaviour.”

We asked Thomas why he isn’t using the staff canteen.

He told us “Coz these people are weirdos. They didn’t even speak to me all morning. Not a word. Just kept staring at me as I worked. And to top it off would you believe one of them was actually taking photos of me in my car? Now that’s what you call a weirdo!”

Do you spend your lunch break alone in your car or are you normal? Let us know in the comments.

Actually you don’t need to let us know anything in the comments. We just couldn’t think of an ending for the article and this bit is all just filler. An exit strategy so to speak. Pointless
nonsense to fill the page up a bit more. The lack of motivation to write today is off the scale. Happy New Year!