God Save the King to be played before Ireland rugby games

A hugely controversial concession to get the DUP back to Stormont has just been revealed and it won’t go down well with many Irish rugby fans.

The British national anthem will now be played before all of Ireland’s rugby international games, as well as the Irish national anthem and Ireland’s Call.

The players will now have to come out onto the pitch at least half an hour before kick-off to allow time to play all of Ireland’s national anthems.

DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson explained why his party made the demand.

“The team represents both nations on this island and it’s time that was officially recognised. Why should our players have to stand there in silence and listen to the republican players singing their anthem? It’s time to even things up. Ireland would be crap without the Ulster boys anyway. Fenians just aren’t suited to rugby.”

The first airing of God Save the King before an Ireland rugby international is set to take place tonight when the boys in green line up to play France in this year’s Six Nations opener in Marseille. Donaldson will be in attendance to ensure his party’s demands are met.