English FA Submits Complaint To FIFA About Iran’s World Cup Crest

The English FA has submitted a formal complaint to FIFA about the crest that will appear on the Iranian football shirts in the upcoming World Cup.

England play Iran in their opening game of the tournament next Monday and are said to be furious that their opponents will be wearing what they called “IRA shirts.”

Many Irish social media users have been quick to poke fun at the English who tend to complain about pretty much everything these days.

One user asked on Twitter “Is that crest the Official one or the Provisional one?” while another replied “If they keep using it after the World Cup it will be the continuity one.”

In 1981 Iran changed the name of the street in Tehran where the British embassy is located to Bobby Sands Street.

However President of the Iranian football association Mehdi Taj said the letters on the new crest are an unfortunate coincidence and no malice is intended.

“I can assue you there is nothing in this. The letters IRA don’t have the same connotations in Iran as they do in England. The English should maybe stop being petty and just concentrate on supporting the three lions as they say, just like all of Iran will be supporting our IRA heroes in green. Tiocfaidh Ayotollah!”