Workaholic William returns to his ‘having dinner with rich people’ duties

Workaholic British Royal family member Price William has returned to his regular duties of having dinner with rich people.

The prince rolled his sleeves up and got stuck into attending a London charity gala dinner on Wednesday evening. Slow down for God’s sake man!

Wills had been taking a couple of months off from his gruelling schedule to support his wife, Kathleen or Catherine we think, who underwent planned surgery for a sore tummy.

She isn’t yet ready to return to her duties, which apparently include ringing her servants and getting them to pick up things she’s knocked over and iron her newspaper.

William’s father King Charles, has been spending his time at Sandringham in Norfolk, probably a big castle, after his treatable cancer diagnosis, and will not be returning to his duties of wearing a kilt and pretending to be Scottish, until further notice.