Boston Bellends beat the 69ers in Super Bowl World Series Cup Final

The Super Bowl Cup Final of the World Series Championships took place in San Francisco last night in baseball’s biggest game of the football season.

As always the game was played in the middle of the night for some reason when everyone was in bed instead of during the day when people might actually watch it.

The Boston Bellends won and were crowned World Champions of America after beating the San Francisco 69ers 27-27.

The 69ers made a strong start with a quick goal-shot after tight-end wide receiver Leroy Simpson was side-whipped for an ankle infringement in the flip zone during a throw-ball counter attack.

The Bellends hit back with a superb off-shoot defence tackle that saw first base pitcher Bucky Johnson advance past the second quarter in the ninth. Touchdown!!

Most Americans are under the impression that the world comes to a standstill every year for the super bowl and have no idea that pretty much nobody else gives a sh*t.

Here in Ireland during last year’s game, the Offaly under 8 girls Camogie final was on TG4 at the same time and killed it in the ratings.

In that game Cappincur beat Ballinagar in a bad tempered match that included 8 red cards and a players brawl at the final whistle. Now that’s a proper sport. Great stuff girls.