Dublin Girl’s Face Stuck After Wind Changes During Selfie

A 25 year-old girl from Dublin has been stuck in a permanent pouting pose for four days now after the wind changed direction while she was taking a selfie. Sharon Donnelly from Cabra can only be fed through a straw shoved up her nose while doctors try to figure out what to do with her next.

Her only means of communication for now is texting and Sharon told us she doesn’t leave the house anymore because of all the staring.

“Me Ma always told me ur face will stay like dat if the wind changes but like everyone else I thought dat was a load of crap. Just something auld ones say. Turns out it was true all along.”

Dr. Suzy Sherlock of the Trauma Unit in Tallaght Hospital said what has happened to Miss Donnelly should serve as a lesson to us all.

“I’m appealing to everyone out there not to make weird or funny faces during the current unpredictable weather just in case the wind suddenly changes. Or at least if you do, make sure your particular pose involves keeping your mouth open so we can feed you.”

Dr. Sherlock said those most at risk are young ladies who can’t seem to pose for any photograph without pouting like a duck.

“Over 90% of cases I’ve seen involve young girls stuck in the pouting pose. Although why anyone would want their face to look like a baboon’s arse is beyond me.”