New guy at work dreading colleagues seeing what he’s like when he’s drunk

A local man who recently started a new job is dreading his work colleagues seeing what he’s like after he’s had a few drinks.

32 year-old Brian Gleeson from Tullamore has made a great impression with his new workmates since starting the job 3 months ago and is already hugely popular at work. However, Brian said that could all change tonight when they meet up for the staff Christmas party. So what exactly is he like after a few drinks?

“I’m a nightmare. I don’t know what it is. I just seem to lose all control of what I do and what I say. One minute I can be having a perfectly normal conversation with you and the next minute I’m trying to hump your wife. I tend not to remember much after the fifth or sixth pint so I have to rely on other people telling me the next morning what I did. It’s very embarrassing.”

Brian’s work colleague Paul Bracken told us he knows all about Brian’s antics because they have a mutual friend that Brian isn’t aware of.

“In one way I feel sorry for him but in another way I think it’s hilarious so I’m going to make sure I get him hammered and record everything. Please God he’ll make a holy show of himself and we can all have good a laugh watching it in work on Monday morning. But no, I do feel sorry for him as well.”

Do you have a work colleague like Brian? Is your staff party tonight? If the answer is yes, make sure to feed them loads of drink and then record everything. Or if you prefer, just make stuff up on Monday morning and pretend they did it. They won’t remember a thing anyway and will believe everything you tell them.

Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the party season. And remember, look after each other.

Image by Freepik