UN leaders agree to shake their heads disapprovingly and tut repeatedly

The United Nations Security Council has finally agreed unanimously to shake their heads disapprovingly and tut repeatedly in the direction of Tel Aviv.

The US had been against the proposal, saying they would be more in favour of wagging their fingers accusingly while frowning angrily but they finally agreed to support the resolution earlier today.

The last time the UN launched a major head shaking was in 1995 after Serbian soldiers murdered more than 8,000 men and boys in the town of Srebrenica while UN peacekeeping troops stood back and let them get on with it.

That incident and many since has led people around the world to accuse the UN of being nothing more that a pointless debating group. António Guterres said this is simply not true.

“This is simply not true.” he said.

Mr Guterres then promised to organise a UN debate to debate whether or not the UN is a pointless debating group.