Weather warning upgraded to ‘Fierce Windy’

Met Éireann has issued a ‘Fierce Windy’ weather warning for the whole country as storm Elin brings gusts that may cause travel disruption nationwide.

Conor Colgan of Met Éireann gave us the meteorological explanation and the scientific meanings behind the various levels of Irish weather warnings.

“Basically when ‘Fairly Windy’ gets a bit windier we call it ‘Fierce Windy’. The technical name for anything windier than that is ‘Fierce Windy Altogether’.

Many flights in and out of Cork Airport have been cancelled as well as all ferries between the Aran Islands and the mainland.

Conor said people should take all necessary precautions and be sensible during the current Fierce Windy spell.

“I would urge people to listen carefully to the official weather updates on television and radio. More importantly don’t forget to put your washing out as Fierce Windy weather is ideal clothes drying weather.”

Image by wirestock on Freepik