Irish People Who Live Abroad Asked To Say ‘Turty Tree’ At Least Once Every Day

A survey of Irish people living abroad has found that almost all of them are asked to say ‘turty tree’ at least once every day. Many people in other countries find it hilarious to hear that particular number said in an Irish accent, not to mention the even funnier turty tree and a turd.

Sinéad Molloy from Tullamore in Co. Offaly has been living in London for over ten years and she told us her English friends and work colleagues never get tired of it.

“Pretty much every day someone asks me what number comes after 32. I’ve made great friends over here and I love them all but it can get a bit annoying if I’m honest. They also erupt into laughter when I say ‘thumb tacks’ and ‘that thing over there.'”

Sinéad’s English work colleague and good friend Doris Winterbottom told us it’s just a bit of fun and gave us her impression of an Irish accent.

“Any tum tacks in dat ting over dere?” she laughed. “Aw bless Sinéad the little darling. She loves it really. It’s just funny when the Irish don’t say firty free proply. I fink she knows we’re laughing wiv ‘er not at ‘er. I ope she does anyway. Gawd bless er.”

Quantity Surveyor Brian Dunne from Kildare lives in Glasgow and told us people are constantly trying to get him to say the number 33.

“Yeah at first I couldn’t understand what was going on but then I realised they were taking the piss. At least I think that’s what happening. To be honest I haven’t understood a single word anyone has said to me since I moved here four years ago.”

Brian’s work colleague Callum Irvine told us “Aye he doesnae an his heid’s mence. He canae go past a wee hootnae! He’s up to a swally an a cloot. Scoot hemny doon the wee bairn wi his heid oot the windae. He isnae, the wee clipe. ‘Turty tree.’ Hahaha! Brilliant.”