People Before Profit call for death to America

Scruffy nutjobs People Before Profit have called for death to America during a heated exchange in Dáil Eireann.

The Trotskyist political party, supported by a whopping 3% of the Irish people, managed to get the Dáil suspended for five minutes by shouting loudly while jumping up and down.

Party leader Richard Boyd Barrett interrupted proceedings and told TD’s “Aaaaaaargh! Aaaaaargh! Allahu Akbar! Death to America!”

Fellow party member Paul Murphy agreed, while also adding “Men are women and lesbians have penises.”

Of course if People Before Profit would just stop being odious, attention-seeking clowns for one minute then they might be taken more seriously but that seems further away than ever.

It is not widely known who the 3% of Irish people who vote for People Before Profit are. However, recent stastistics show that approximately 3% of the population of Ireland have a mental illness so it’s probably them.