Nearly a Third of People Say Santa Claus Should be Gender Neutral

Nearly a third of people questioned in a survey think Santa Claus should be rebranded as gender neutral.

Some social media page we’ve never heard of asked its 27 followers if they thought Santa should be gender neutral to make him/her/them/it more inclusive. Of the 10 people that responded 3 said yes and apparently that’s all you need these days to base an article on with an overly dramatic and misleading headline.

One anonymous person with no profile picture and 2 followers tweeted “There should be no straight white male role models in this day and age. Santa should be a transgender Asian disabled bi-sexual vegan black woman with mental health issues. Get with the times people.”

However, another person said “It’s PC gone mad. Santa Claus is a big fat cuddly old man with a wife called Mrs Claus. I mean for f**k’s sake you can’t even say Merry Christmas these days without someone getting offended. Happy Holidays my arse! The world’s gone mad.”

In reality of course only a tiny handful of gobshites think the gender of Santa Claus should be changed but whipping up hysteria on baseless nonsense for clickbait is what it’s all about these days and Oh my God look at the ad under this paragraph! You really should click on it and I’m not just saying that because we make a whopping 10 cent per click. Honest! Go on. Open it now! It will change your life.