Number of cars on road linked to number of people buying cars says Eamon Ryan

The number of cars on the road today is directly linked to the number of people buying cars.

That’s according to Green Party leader Eamon Ryan who explained his findings during a press conference in Dublin this morning.

“If you have 2 million cars on Irish roads for example, that means 2 million people bought a car and now drive it on Irish roads. If the number is lower, then a lower number of people bought a car.”

Ryan said he intends to introduce legislation next month that will enable all car owners in Ireland to exchange their car for a bike.

“Just drive your car to the nearest bike shop, leave it there and collect your free bike. Mark my words, this time next year there will be no cars on Ireland’s roads. The motorways will be full of people on bicycles, cycling the length and breadth of our country.”

In other news, according to the latest opinion poll carried out by the Irish Independent, neither Eamon Ryan nor anyone from the Green Party will be elected to Dáil Eireann ever again.