Local Woman Puts Bins Out On Wrong Night To Mess With Neighbours Heads

A local woman has began putting her bins out on different nights of the week just to mess with her neighbours heads. 81 year-old Bridie Flanagan from Pearse Park in Tullamore says she’s been doing it for a few months now after realising everyone seems to take their cue from her. She told us that watching her neighbours putting their bins out on the wrong night is the highlight of her week.

“I noticed a while ago that I’m the one they all follow when it comes to putting the bins out. As soon as I put mine out they all put theirs out so I saw an opportunity to have a bit of fun at their expense. I don’t like any of them anyway. They’re mostly young and I don’t like young people.”

Bridie says she can’t believe her neighbours keep falling for it and that some of them have even started phoning the waste collection companies to complain.

“The only thing funnier than watching them all put their bins out on the wrong night is watching them looking into the bins the next morning when they go to bring them in.” she laughed. “The look of disappointment on their faces.”

Bridie also revealed that she’s been pulling pranks on her neighbours long before this.

“I just love annoying the hell out of them. I used to knock on their doors and run away but my knees are knackered now so sadly I had to give that up. These days I mostly just egg their cars. The best bit is they always blame local kids and make them wash the cars. The look on the poor kids faces when they realise nobody believes them as they’re trying to tell them they didn’t do it. That really cracks me up. The little shits.”