Local Couple’s Christmas Booze Already Gone

A local couple who decided to stock up on Christmas drink early this year will have to stock up again after they drank it all.

Tom and Mary Bracken from Tullamore decided to beat the Christmas rush and buy their annual festive beers, wines and spirits in November, somehow believing it would still all be there a month later.

Tom told us what happened.

“We always have a few on a Friday night to wind down after a long week. Sometimes that can turn into a session. Saturday nights obviously we have a nice few. I mean what sort of weirdo doesn’t get hammered on a Saturday night? That’s usually a hoor of a session. Sunday night of course you have to have a cure. Just a nightcap to help you sleep. I won’t lie. That has also, on occasion, been known to turn into a session.”

The couple say they’ll go drink shopping again this evening and told us they both love Christmas and can’t wait for this year’s festivities to start.

“It’s a lovely time of year and it’s great for children.” said Mary. “As long as they’re happy that’s what it’s all about. And of course we get to have two full weeks of non-stop sessions.”