40-year old who has never worked not happy with his free house

A fit and healthy 40 year-old man who has never worked in Ireland or anywhere else has complained that he is not happy with the free house he just received from Offaly County Council.

Nikolai Kaspu, his wife Maria and their children Britney, Bianca, Shakira, Josef and Nikolai junior have just been moved from a 3 bedroom house in Tullamore into a 5 bedroom house just outside Tullamore but Nikolai says it’s not good enough.

“It’s not good enough.” he said. “We need at least 7 bedrooms and this house is miles away from my parent’s free house, my brother’s free house and all my cousins’ free houses. How am I supposed to visit them now? And the garden is too small and the shed is tiny. Where is my pet python supposed to sleep, with the kids? If Tyson eats Nikolai junior it will be nobody’s fault but the council.”

Nikolai said he is seriously considering refusing to pay the rent on the house even though he doesn’t pay rent.

“Why should I allow €7.50 of the free money I get every week go towards the rent when I’m not happy with the house? I have a 7-bedroom council house in Sofia that I visit every month when I fly home to sign on and I deserve to have the same here.”

We asked Nikolai if he’s ever considered working and told him we found 12 jobs within a 30 minute walk of his house that are all available right now.

After laughing for about 10 minutes he replied “Work? Pay your own bills? Out of your own money? Do I look like an idiot? Why pay for stuff when you guys hand it out for free?”