Lol – Tourists think Liffey has been dyed green for St. Patrick’s day

Tourists arriving in Dublin for the St. Patrick’s weekend festivities are under the impression that the river Liffey has been dyed green especially for the event.

The high levels of pollution in the Liffey tend to give it a green hue which is what seems to be causing the confusion.

Brad Johnson from the United States told us he thinks it looks great.

“I think it looks great.” he told us. “They do the same thing with the river back home in Chicago every St. Patrick’s day. I’m just not sure why you guys have added the stink.”

A section of the river Liffey in Dublin city centre is notorious for the stench emanating from it, particularly at low tide when the riverbed is exposed.

Still, many tourists are lapping it up in the belief that the green slime has been added specifically for tomorrow’s big parade.

“I love it.” said Emily Jones from Sydney, Australia. “It symbolises how green Ireland is. And I guess all the shopping trolleys in the river symbolise how the famine is over and the Irish can now go food shopping anytime they want. Am I right?”

Dublin’s St. Patrick’s day parade kicks off at 12pm tomorrow and a crowd of around half a million is expected to attend so if you’re wondering where the best place to stand might be, we suggest Galway or Cork.