Delightful 2-bed cottage in central Dublin with own door and window for just €2m

This delightful two bed mid-terrace property in one of the least sought after areas of Dublin has just gone on the market for only €2 million. What a bargain! It really has to be seen to be believed.

Not only does the house come with its own front door, it also has its own window.

Brian Heffernan is the estate agent dealing with the property and we asked him how they can charge such an extortionate price for a tiny 2-bedroom house.

“Two bedrooms?” he said. “No, two beds. The two beds are in the same bedroom. The only bedroom. I should probably also point out that the beds don’t come with the property. They’re just for show and will be removed after we sell the house.”

So, a one-bedroom dump in a kip for €2m. Where else in the world would you get it?

Dublin now tops the table as the most expensive capital in the EU for everything. A one-night stay for example in a city centre Bed & Breakfast without the breakfast costs the same as a four month round the world cruise.

Ireland’s property prices are leading to a huge brain drain as newly qualified professionals leave the country in their droves to build a new life somewhere they can actually afford to live.

On the other hand of course, if you’ve never bothered with that whole work malarkey you get given a free house and all your bills paid. As somebody once said, it’s a great little country.