Kim Yong-Un Big Fan Of Mrs Brown’s Boys

The world of light entertainment is in shock today after it emerged that North Korean dictator Kim Yong-un is a big fan of Irish TV comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys.

The surprise news was revealed when basketball star Dennis Rodman returned home to the USA after spending a week in Pyongyang earlier this month. Former NBA bad boy Rodman has traveled to North Korea many times in recent years having struck up an unlikely friendship with the communist leader who is known to be a big basketball enthusiast.

Rodman was interviewed last night on American news channel CNN and made some surprising revelations about the elusive North Korean leader.

“He loves this Irish TV show called Mrs Brown’s Boys.” said Rodman. “He can’t get enough of it and he’s picked up a lot of Irish slang from the show. He goes around now saying ‘Feck’ all the time and ‘Bollocks’ and ‘Shite’. When I was leaving to fly back to the States he told me to tell President Biden he’s a big gobshite and that Kim’s going to shove a nuclear missile up his hole.”

A spokesperson for RTE & BBC Scotland who produce Mrs Brown’s Boys issued a statement today saying they had no way of knowing the show had such a notorious fan, adding ‘We just make the programme to make people laugh and obviously have no control over who likes it. If we had known that infamous dictator Kim Yong-un was getting enjoyment from our work we would have sang it from the fecking rooftops. Ratings are ratings at the end of the day so fuck the begrudgers. Go on Kim ya mad yoke!’ the statement ended.