Ice Bucket Challenge Finally Reaches Leitrim

The Ice Bucket Challenge that swept the world nine years ago has finally reached County Leitrim. Hundreds of people have been getting buckets of iced water thrown over their heads as the craze takes the whole county by storm. We spoke to Leitrim County Councillor Barney Fitzmaurice and he told us people of all ages are getting involved and joining in the fun.

“It’s mad craic altogether.” said Barney. “What will they think of next? I’ve never known anything like it. I mean I often throw a bucket of cowshite or slurry over the kids heads for a laugh when they’re not looking but this is different. This is for charity and it’s a great idea. I can see this catching on outside of Leitrim and spreading across the whole country you know. Maybe even other countries too.”

The Ice Bucket Challenge was started in the USA in the summer of 2014 and quickly went viral on social media. Millions of dollars were raised for Motor Neuron Disease and various other worthy causes as people all over the world made donations online after uploading their videos.

The people of Leitrim are officially the last people on Earth to do the Ice Bucket Challenge after the Ogo tribe of indigenous Indians – the most isolated people on the planet who live deep in the Amazon jungle – were filmed by a passing plane doing the challenge four years ago.