Minister says poor people should have cereal for dinner

Minister for Evening Meals Brian Donohue has suggested that poor people should eat breakfast cereal for dinner.

The Minister made the comments after a Barnardos report claimed the number of Irish parents reducing their food intake to ensure their children have enough to eat has increased by 12% since last year.

“Give steak the night off.” Mr Donohue told reporters this afternoon. “Or risotto or whatever you usually have for the din dins. Use your imagination to stretch your income. What does a box of cornflakes and a pint of milk cost these days? I don’t go supermarkets but it can’t be more than a tenner surely.”

It was put to the Minister that people need to regularly eat balanced meals that consist of essential nutrients and proteins which they won’t get from a bowl of cornflakes.

“Look, if you’re too fussy for cornflakes get a box of Frosties instead. They’re grrrrreat! Lol. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a lunch meeting with the Taoiseach in the Shelbourne.”