“If I lose I’ll say it was fixed and if I win I’ll say it wasn’t!” Trump tells supporters

The first US presidential election rematch in nearly 70 years is all set for November after US President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump both clinched their parties’ nominations.

Trump told his supporters at a rally last night “This time I think we can win and I mean really win, not the pretendy rioty kind of win like last time. But just like last time, if I lose, I’ll say it was fixed. Lol.”

The outcome of the Republican vote was never in doubt after Mr Trump’s last remaining rival for the nomination, Nikki Haley, ended her campaign following Trump’s dominant performance last week on Super Tuesday, when he won in 14 out of 15 states.

Joe Biden faced only token opposition in the Democrat campaign.

Mr Trump ended his speech with a special tribute to America and his beloved supporters.

“Where else can you lose an election and convince 150 million morons that you actually won? God bless you all, you’re so dumb, and God bless America.”