US Air Force Begins Evacuating American Citizens From Dublin

A bus convoy of hundreds of American citizens arrived at Dublin Airport this morning, with passengers immediately escorted onto US military flights.

The convoy was protected by heavily armed US combat troops who were stationed on the roof of each bus as it made its way through the streets of Dublin’s notorious northside.

The move comes just days after an American tourist was left with serious injuries after an assault in the city centre.

In a statement issued on its website yesterday, the United States embassy in Dublin warned all American citizens not to travel to Ireland under any circumstances.

“We strongly advise against all non-essential travel to Dublin due to civil unrest on the streets. Even essential travel could be suicidal in such a volatile place. Just stay away folks. War is hell!”

This is only the second time in history the United States government has issued an alert advising it’s citizens not to travel to Ireland. There has been a permanent warning against all travel to Limerick for several years now.

However, this is not related to any safety concerns and is just down to the fact that it’s a bit of a kip.