Minister ‘Dublin perfectly safe for tourists, just don’t go out at night for God’s sake’

Justice Minister Helen McEntee said she still believes Dublin city centre is “perfectly safe” for tourists, after yet another attack over the weekend which left three British tourists in hospital.

The Fine Gael deputy made the comments during a visit to Temple Bar where she was accompanied by six body guards and a heavily armed SWAT team.

“Look at me walking around and not a bother on me.” she told reporters. “Would I do this if it wasn’t safe? I wish the media would stop going on about all the attacks and robberies. Always focusing on the negatives. Why not write about happy things like fluffy bunny rabbits? You’re such a bunch of whinge bags.”

One reporter asked the Minister why she appeared to be wearing a bullet proof vest.

“Oh I just threw on the first thing I could find this morning. That’s purely a coincidence. I just like the colours to be honest. It goes with my helmet. That is bullet proof too, isn’t it?”

There have been calls for a greater Garda presence in the capital following a number of high-profile attacks on tourists in recent weeks. The Minister was asked what she intends to do about it.

“Oh please. We’ve all been here for well over five minutes now and absolutely nobody has been attacked. But will you write about that? No you won’t. I rest my case. Whinge bags.”