Táiniste tells Chinese they’re a great bunch of lads during China visit

Táiniste Micheál Martin has told the people of China that they’re a great bunch of lads during a state visit to the country.

In his opening remarks ahead of a meeting with Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, Mr Martin said he can’t think of a greater bunch of lads anywhere in the world and told the gathered press that when he’s back home in Ireland, he gets a Chinese takeaway at least once a week.

“Peking duck. Sweet and sour shrimp. Wonto Soup. Chinese dumplings. Where would we be without them? A world without Chinese food doesn’t bare thinking about and I’m here to say, on behalf of the Irish people, thank you. As Father Ted Crilly once famously said, the Chinese, a great bunch of lads.”

One journalist asked Mr Martin if he’s going to bring up the subject of China committing genocide against the Uyghur population in Xinjiang.

“I think we’ll stick to the chicken balls and that type of thing.” he said. “There’s no need to rock the boat. China and Ireland are very good friends and it’s good for the Irish economy to keep it that way.”

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi was asked if he agrees that China and Ireland are good friends. He replied “What’s Ireland?”