Dark clouds and rain expected to clear around June next year

Ireland’s meteorologists have given their predictions for the coming months and unsurprisingly it’s not looking good.

After several weeks of miserable weather, everything really turned to shit this week and will apparently remain shit for the foreseeable future. The monthly breakdown looks like this.

Wet and windy weather for the rest of November will give way to even wetter and windier weather in December.

Once again there will be no white Christmas in Ireland this year and the holiday season will see your foreign co-workers telling you how much nicer the weather is in their country while your Irish co-workers take offence and remind them that if they don’t like it here they’re free to piss off back home any time they want. Expect lots of wind and rain.

January will bring torrential downpours and black clouds as far as the eye can see. Expect darkness and misery nationwide.

Overall the first half of next year looks bleak with lots of wind, rain, windy rain, rainy wind, wet windy rain with some heavy rain in places followed by windy wind and rainy wet rain. It will remain cold throughout.