Irish girl who expected all Australian men to look like cast of Home & Away left disappointed

An Irish girl who was convinced that all Australian men looked liked the actors in Home and Away has been left bitterly disappointed after taking her first trip Down Under.

Gráinne Ryan from Rialto in Dublin is a huge fan of the popular TV drama and expected to see nothing but shirtless hunks everywhere the minute she landed in Sydney. The reality however was a little different.

“I spent a fortune on this trip.” said a clearly disappointed Gráinne after visiting the beach where Home and Away is filmed. “I don’t understand it. I watch that show all the time and every guy on it is an absolute ride. The fellas around here all look like overweight Connemara men with sunburn. What the hell is going on? It’s almost as if Home and Away isn’t real.”

Gráinne said she’s not giving up on her dream of meeting at least one of the guys from her favourite TV show and intends to hang around the Home and Away set every day for the next two weeks.

“I haven’t come all this way for nothing.” she told us. “I’m a very determined girl and I always get what I want. You mark my words, I will meet a Home and Away hunk before I go home and I will shag him.”

We spoke to producer of the show Mark Thomas and he told us “To be honest all the guys on Home and Away are actually male models. As long as they look good with their top off they usually get the part. The acting is atrocious but it keeps the ratings up. In truth the only character in the show who is a fair reflection of the average Australian male is Alf.”

Mark then very kindly told us to bring Gráinne to a cast party that’s happening tonight where she’ll actually get to meet and party with the guys from Home and Away who he said love meeting fans. We told him her intentions and asked what he thinks her chances are.

“Not great.” he replied. “They’re all gay.”