Calls to bring back “good old days” when Gardaí gave young lads a good hiding in the station

There have been calls to bring back the so-called good old days when Gardaí used to get young trouble makers into the local Garda Station and give them a good hiding.

Street crimes such as physical assaults and muggings are on the increase throughout the country and many people believe the law is too soft on repeat offenders and that there is no real deterrent.

Independent councillor for Dublin South Tom Brennan told us he believes it’s time for the government to allow Gardaí to revert to old tactics.

“When young lads get arrested or brought in for questioning these days, they just laugh and make fun of the Guards. They have no fear. I think it would be a totally different story if, while being questioned, they were also getting the shite kicked out of them.”

Of course Gardaí kicking the shite out of young lads was never officially allowed but they did it nevertheless with impunity. There was nobody to complain to except the Guards themselves and that would just get you another beating.

We spoke to retired Garda Sergeant Vincent Dunne who admitted the practice was widespread.

“A few well deserved slaps would often put a young lad back on the right path in life. I remember boxing the ears off one particular law-breaker and giving him a good boot up the hole. It worked too. He never crossed the road again before the red man turned green.”

Unsurprisingly not everyone supports the idea of having a Police Force that can go around beating people up. Barbara Keeley from the Children’s Rights Alliance told us she is outraged at the proposal.

“To even suggest such a thing is abhorrent. We live in a civilised country where young people who commit violent crimes get to blame it on society and walk free from court with a warning. Just how it should be.”

What do you think? Do today’s young scumbags need a good hiding or do they just need more hugs? Let us know in the comments.