England Rugby Fans Demand Replay As They Didn’t Get Result They Wanted


Thousands of England Rugby fans are calling for the World Cup Final against South Africa to be played again because they didn’t get the result they wanted.

South Africa beat England 32 – 12 in Yokohama this morning but immediately after the final whistle England fans began calling for a replay because they say nobody saw this result coming.

Many English fans are claiming that more than half of their players didn’t realise what they were playing for and if they did they would have won.

Hundreds of protesters have already began gathering outside parliament in Westminster waving flags and shouting stuff. One protester told a reporter from the BBC “Anyone who thinks that result should stand is right-wing and racist and a big Nazi. We want a second match!”

Meanwhile Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has promised that if she becomes Prime Minister she’ll simply ignore the result and pretend it never happened.