Eamon Ryan: “Consider giving trick or treaters carrots and lettuce this year”

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan is asking people to consider giving trick or treaters vegetables this year instead of sweets.

The politician told Six-One News that people should boil sprouts and cabbage and have a wide selection of vegetables ready at their front doors for tomorrow evening.

“Let’s stop poisoning our children. Everybody knows sweets are bad for you so it’s time to go green. Children trick or treating should be rewarded with carrots and lettuce this year, not chocolates and jellys. Trust me, they’ll thank you in the long run.”

We asked children living in the Dundrum area of Dublin, close to Eamon Ryan’s home, how they would feel if they were given vegetables this year instead of sweets while out trick or treating.

6 year-old David Dunne told us “If he gives me a carrot I’ll ram it up his hole. We’re kids. Kids eat sweets.”

7 year-old Kate Grennan agreed and said “I would strongly advise that man to have sweets ready to hand out. Lots and lots of sweets. That’s if he wants to keep his windows.”

You heard them folks. The kids have spoken. Ignore Eamon Ryan’s advice. Then again if you actually need to be told that, you deserve to have a carrot rammed up your hole.