Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz deny relationship rumours

Actors Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have denied rumours that they are in a romantic relationship. The couple have been seen together a lot recently and even attended a Hollywood awards ceremony together last week.

However, Cruise told the New York Times on Sunday “We’re just friends. We hang out a lot because we enjoy each other’s company. We go for walks in the park. Sometimes she carries me coz I get tired if we walk too far. I like to take a nap in her arms.”

Cameron Diaz also confirmed the pair are just friends during an interview on NBC television in the States last night.

“I can assure you we’re just friends. Nothing more. That would never work. I mean he’s very small. He’s tiny. How would we even ….. you know. I can’t imagine … I mean, I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t think we’d fit.”

Tom Cruise is due in Ireland next month to begin filming a movie about the life of President Michael D Higgins. Cruise will star as Mr Higgins and producers say he will wear specially made high-heeled shoes to make him appear as tall as the President.