Ten Hag “The Title’s In The Bag”

Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag has said he believes the Premier League title is “in the bag.” The Dutchman was speaking after his side beat Arsenal 3-1 today at Old Trafford and had some interesting things to say about their rivals.

“I think we can all agree Liverpool are shit and yesterday Manchester City couldn’t even beat Aston Villa, so they’re also shit. Nobody else in the league even deserves a mention so I think we can safely say the title is in the bag.”

He also said Manchester City should not be favourites to win the Premier League after this weekend’s results and suggested they’re more likely to be in a relegation battle this season than a title battle.

“I would beat Aston Villa. Just me. I would walk onto the pitch by myself and face eleven Aston Villa players and I would win. That’s how shit they are and City couldn’t even beat them. Title contenders my arse!”

Next up for United is Real Sociedad in the Europa League on Thursday night at Old Trafford and Ten Hag seems confident his side can win.

“Real Sociedad? Real Shit more like.”