NASA Delays Moon Rocket Launch Until After Dark So Astronauts Can See The Moon

NASA has once again postponed the launch of its colossal next-generation rocket ship on a long-awaited debut test flight to the moon. The countdown clock was halted about 40 minutes before the targeted launch time when NASA officials noticed it was daytime and as everyone knows the moon can only be seen at night.

“There would have been a few red faces in mission control if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of some of our top people.” NASA chief Bill Nelson told reporters. “Obviously you can’t see the moon during the day so the rocket would never have found it.”

Nelson said the rocket will be launched after dark tonight as soon as the moon becomes visible from Earth.

“The minute we can see the moon we’re going to point the rocket right at it and launch. I just hope it gets there before morning or it will be bright again and as we all know that’s when the moon becomes invisible again.”

We asked Mr Nelson why NASA doesn’t just fly a space ship to the sun during the day because it’s easy to see.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” he told us. “The sun is way too hot during the day. We could maybe go there at night when it’s not hot but then again how would we find it in the dark? It’s tough being an astronaut.”