Disappointment for Ireland as terrible song fails to qualify for Eurovision final

There was disappointment for Ireland last night once again as another terrible song failed to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest final.

Dublin band Wild Youth performed their song ‘We Are One’ at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool with an instantly forgettable and vocally weak performance that would probably have most people drinking up and leaving if they heard it in their local pub.

Disappointed fans flooded social media after the result was announced, claiming Ireland were robbed, even though we weren’t robbed. The song was just shite.

Many others claimed our song was much better than other songs that did qualify even though it wasn’t. It was shite.

However, the main talking point to come out of the Irish performance was the lead singer’s outfit, a sparkly golden onesie that had many viewers wondering whether or not he has a willy.

Seriously, scroll back up to the top of this article and take a closer look. What the hell is going on down there? What is that?

As for Ireland’s future in the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s been a running joke for many years now that we should send the song My Lovely Horse from Father Ted. However, the Irish Eurovision Committee have confirmed this morning that they no longer consider it a joke and are seriously looking into the possibility of entering the song next year. Watch this space.