Dublin man wondering if you can tap to pay down the country yet

A Dublin man is wondering if ‘tap to pay” technology has reached “down the country” yet.

Tony Breslin will be attending a wedding in Mullingar this Friday and wants to know if he needs to bring loads of cash.

“I just tap now when I go out in Dublin but they probably haven’t got that yet down the bleedin’ country. I suppose I could take money out of a cash machine when I get down there but I can’t be sure if they have them either. I wouldn’t say they have.”

Tony said another problem with his weekend away is his beloved Liverpool are playing the next day and the game is on Sky Sports.

“Obviously they don’t have Sky Sports down the country and we’re playing the Hammers at 12.30 so I’m going to have to get up early and get back to Dublin for kick off. No way am I staying down there to watch some boggers playing GAA on TG4 when the ‘Pool are on.

“It’s a pity coz the day after a wedding is always great craic and I have Sky Go and I can watch the games on my phone when I’m in Dublin. It’s just a shame they don’t have internet down the country.”