Surprise inclusion of Celtic Symphony on new Taylor Swift album

Taylor Swift has surprised fans worldwide by including a version of Irish rebel song Celtic Symphony on her new album.

The American singer, who recently bought a pub in Tullamore and moved in upstairs, is known for her Irish republican views and proudly chants “Ooh Ah Up the Ra” on her version of the song.

RTE Radio 1 presenter Joe Duffy was fuming on his show this afternoon, calling on listeners not to buy the album. Within an hour it had become the fastest selling album of all time in Ireland.

Taylor Swift often breaks away from her own music during live performances and throws in an Irish rebel song here and there, like ‘Come out ye Black and Tans’ and her all time favourite ‘Go on Home British Soldiers.’

During a recent interview on CNN in the States, she was asked if she was worried about isolating her fans from the Unionist tradition in the north of Ireland.

She replied “Listen, I love all my fans. Just not that shower of weirdos. I mean seriously, if you want to be British, move to Britain. It’s not rocket science.”

Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Chucky Our Law’ is out now.