Rest Of Society Hoping Game of Thrones Fans Will Finally Shut The Fuck Up About It

People who have never watched an episode of Game Of Thrones are hoping their friends and colleagues who did watch the show will now just shut the fuck up going on about it.

The hugely popular TV drama finally came to an end last night after 8 seasons. Today all over Ireland grown-ups who aren’t into dragons are looking forward to getting re-acquainted with their friends and once again having adult conversations with them.

Mark Duggan from Dublin said he misses the banter he used to have with his work colleagues before most of them started watching Game Of Thrones.

“I had to start taking my breaks at different times ‘coz all anyone was talking about in the canteen was Arya and Viserion and Jon fucking Snow. When I asked if they meant the Channel 4 newsreader they all laughed at me. Cunts!”

Paul Delaney from Tullamore has never seen an episode of the show but said there was just no getting away from it.

“I got petrol yesterday and when I went to pay for it the guy behind the counter who I had never met asked me what I thought might happen in the Game of Thrones finale. I’ve never committed a crime in my life but just for that I punched him in the head and robbed the till.”

However we also spoke to Game of Thrones superfan Brian Denning and he told us he thinks people who didn’t watch the show made a huge mistake and don’t know what they missed.

“How could anyone not watch Game of Thrones? Seriously, I feel sorry for those people. They must have really sad empty lives.” said the single 49 year-old unemployed virgin who still lives with his parents.