Thousands of men fleeing the wars in Paris and London continue to arrive

Thousands of men fleeing the ongoing wars in France, Britain and elsewhere are continuing to flood into Ireland.

More than 90 tents are now pitched along the Grand Canal in Dublin, between Baggot Street Bridge and Wilton Place.

The encampment is made up entirely of single men who didn’t want to speak to us or tell us where they came here from, although one man did mention that he’d been living in Brighton for the past 7 years and fancied a change of scenery.

Taoiseach Simon Harris said last month that no more “shanty towns” would be allowed in Dublin and Miche├íl Martin said only last week that any tents being erected would be taken down immediately.

We put it to both men during a government press briefing this morning that they’re full of shit. They declined to comment and had us escorted from the building.