Make your local election posters look hilarious without getting caught

Are you considering jazzing up an election poster near your home but aren’t really sure whether you should or not? Well you should and with our quick guide you can do it without fear of getting caught and possibly arrested.

Firstly, make sure to drive by the poster slowly a couple of times to judge its height. Can you reach it standing on your tippy toes? If not, choose a different poster or you’ll need to bring a step ladder, increasing your chances of getting caught and looking like a gobshite.

Once you’ve picked the poster and decided to make your move, don’t forget to be creative. Gone are the days of adding a simple moustache and glasses or colouring in one tooth black. Even the standard cock and balls going into the mouth seems a bit lame by today’s standards.

Speech bubbles are a great way of defacing an election poster. Just make sure your chosen candidate is saying something either hilarious or grossly offensive. Or if your prefer, simply give them some additional facial features. But not by drawing on the poster itself. Rookie mistake!

Do your drawing on some paper in the privacy of your own home so you can take as much time as you like. Treat it like an art project. When you’re done, simply cut it out and add some glue to the back of the paper. Then bring it to the poster you’ve selected for defacing and just stick it on and leg it.

Now you know how it’s done don’t be a pussy, just do it. You won’t regret it. Unless of course you get caught and charged with vandalism and brought to court and embarrassed in the local papers but hey, what are the chances of that? We’ll be giving away a prize for the best one so don’t forget to take a photo of your handy work before making your getaway. Good luck everyone.