People urged to pick stronger passwords as “OohAhUpTheRa” most popular in Ireland

Internet users have been urged to pick stronger passwords for online accounts, following the release of a recently leaked list of the most common passwords.

Incredibly, number one on the list worldwide is “123456” followed by the word “password”. However, here in Ireland it’s “OohAhUpTheRa” followed by “AskMeArse”.

Cyber Security Month, an annual event to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security, is currently taking place at Dublin’s Burlington Hotel.

Speaking at the event, Dr Phillip McIntyre, Director of the National Cyber Security Centre, told the huge crowd in attendance that people should use long passwords whenever possible.

“The more characters you use, the more difficult it is to guess. So for example, rather than ‘AskMeArse’ I’d go with something like ‘AskMeBumhole’ and instead of ‘OohAhUpTheRa’ maybe ‘OohAhUpTheProvos’. To put it simply, the longer, the better.”

Tedious RTE bore Joe Duffy has called for anyone who uses “OohAhUpTheRa” as their internet password to receive an automatic 10 year stretch in Mountjoy.

“These people boil my blood. A good long spell in prison will put them in their place once and for all. Lock them up now.”

Duffy was asked why on earth he thinks a person’s private password should be anyone else’s business.

“Password?” he replied. “I was talking about The Wolfe Tones.”

Image by katemangostar on Freepik