GAA to rename All-Ireland champions “World Champions” like the Americans do

The GAA has confirmed that from now on, the All-Ireland Champions will be called the World Champions.

The decision was taken after officials agreed that if the Americans can refer to the winners of their national sports competitions as World Champions, then so can we. GAA spokesman Martin Fitzmaurice told us the new rule comes into effect immediately.

“I would like to belatedly congratulate Limerick on becoming World Hurling Champions this year. What an incredible achievement. The same of course goes to Dublin who are the current World Football Champions. If the yanks can claim to be World Champions of a sport that nobody else plays then so can we.”

The ‘World Series’ Baseball Championship is contested in America every year by teams from the United States and a Canadian team called the Toronto Blue Jays. So in baseball terms the world consists of the USA and Canada.

Martin Fitzmaurice said that using that logic, as London and New York take part in the All-Ireland Championship every year, the winners of the Sam Maguire and Liam McCarthy cups will also be called World Champions from now on.

“They’ve as much right to be called World Champions as the Boston feckin’ Bluesocks or whatever the hell they’re called. The current World Champions in hurling and football are both Irish teams and I’m feeling fairly confident about next year’s tournament as well. We’ve produced the World Champions now for 137 years in a row. Beat that America!”